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STEP 02-Access video files, documents and attend webinars plus live classrooms
STEP 03-Complete Real life assignments along with case studies and use case

Language: English

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Why this course?


1 Business HR: Learn HRBP, Business driven HR Digital Transformation

2 Strategic HR: Learn Strategy Framework, Action Guide, Linking of Strategy and Performance

3 HR Analytics: Learn Business and People analytics in Forecasting and Predictive modelling

4. People Management: Talent Management and Workforce Management

5. HR Best Practices: Compensation Management, Recruitment and Selection

  •     Complete Business HR, Strategic HR, HR Process and Human Analytics  Courses.
  •     Access 10 recorded and live courses with certification
  •     Access course content of more than 50 hours in total
  •     Pay one time or recurring payment
  •      Access 2000 plus templates, frameworks, manuals, forms and guideline


Business Driven HR Digital Transformation

  • Learn how to manage and create a remote Human Resource Management Practice
  • Next generation HR Transformation
  • Business drivers that affect HR

STRATEGIC HRM: SHRM Framework, Guide to action and HR Strategies

  • In the first part of the course (Section 1-6), you’ll learn the framework of strategic human resource management Concept, processes, and relevance of strategy in Business or HR
  • In the middle part of the course (Section 7-11), you’ll learn the guide to action for implementing SHRM and improving the business performance through this
  • In the final part of the course (Section 12-17), you’ll develop the ability to analyze and implement the Strategic HR Management issues or scenarios with assignments related to Recruitment, Performance Management, Training & Development, Employee Relations and Reward

HRBP: The Integration between HR and Business at an account level

  • In the first part of the course (Section 1-11), you’ll learn the framework of HRBP Concept, processes, and capabilities, relationship plus developmental grid
  • In the middle part of the course (Section 12-14), you’ll learn the guide to Framework of HRBP, the scope, engagement and mitigation measure in business environment
  • In the final part of the course (Section 15), A complete employee engagement training and guidelines with basics of conduction the session or different initiative.

HR and People Analytics

  • In the first part of the course, you’ll learn the HRM, HCM and correlation with HR Analytics. HR Decision making, importance-use-implementation of HR Analytics
  • In the second part of the course, you’ll learn Business Process and HR Analytics with examples on Recruitment, Training, PMS and Engagement Metrics.
  • In the final part of the course, you’ll Learn about the Predictive modelling, future orientation, and HR Analytics

Human Resource Security and Quality Management in ISO 27001 & ISO 9001



HR Strategy Measurement and Competency building: Linking people strategy and performance

  • Building HR Scorecard
  • Strategic HR Performance Management
  • Managing HR Competencies

Work and Workforce Management

  • Part1: (Section1 – 4) Learn the Management skills like Supervision and management style, Managing meetings as a leader or manager, Managing your team and customers
  • Part2: (Section5 – 8) Learn the Operational skills like managing workloads, standards, staff or resourcing/manpower planning and resource management,
  • Part3: (Section9 – 11) Learn the Leadership skills like managing problems and making decisions. Managing people problems related to appraisal, grievance and managing or influencing changes
  • Part4: (Section12 –15) Practice the managerial functions related to writing JD or managing performance review process, develop your leadership competencies and continue a reading habit with a complete personalized activity workbook
  • Part5: (Section16) Case Study of First Time Managers guide. 20 Complete case study on different scenarios

Talent Development & Management

  • In the first part of the course, you’ll understand the features and purpose of a job analysis process, List the techniques of data collection, differentiate between job description and specification, List the role of the environment in influencing job design and enumerate the critical components of a job design, List the recent trends in a job design
  • In the second part of the course, you’ll learn Objectives, Overview, Process, Challenges and Methods and Process of Job Evaluation. Objectives of Performance Evaluation, Uses of Performance Evaluation, Determining the Criteria and The Process of Performance Evaluation
  • In the third part of the course, you’ll Learn Significance of Employee Training, Learning programmes, Development Strategy and Training Types. Development, Training, Process, Planning and Implementation
  • In the Fourth part of the course, Learn the Holistic Approach of Talent Management Practice in an organization and how to put it or connect it in different simple but effective initiatives which will help you to become a top-notch professional.
  • In the Final part of the course, Learn the advance talent management practices like Succession Planning, Workforce analysis, Career Management and Retention.

Compensation Management and Administration

  • In the first part of the course, you’ll learn the most common compensation management processes like Compensation Types, Theories, Pay structure, Scope, Factors, Process and Challenges of Compensation Management
  • In the second part of the course, you’ll learn how to improve your Strategic Compensation Management and Design. You will also learn the skills required for designing methodologies like Performance pay, Skill pay, Competence pay, Contribution pay, Service pay and Executive Compensation with case study
  • In the final part of the course, you’ll develop the ability analyse and design Compensation Management issues or scenarios with frameworks and models related to CTC Structure and Payroll administration.

Recruitment Selection & Interviewing Techniques

  • In the first part of the course, you’ll learn the most common Recruitment management processes like Recruitment Policy, Factors of Recruitment Policy, Recruitment Process, Sources of Recruitment, The Job Posting, Employee Referrals, Raiding or Poaching and E Recruitment
  • In the second part of the course, you’ll learn how to improve your selection process by learning Selection Test, Types of Psychological Test, developing a Test Program, Selection Interview, Kinds of Selection Interview, Strategy of Effective Interview process, Weakness of the Interview Methods, Reference Checks, Physical Examination and Job Offer Process
  • In the final part of the course, you’ll Learn about the Skills required for Planning and Structuring of Interview, Interviewing Techniques – Asking questions, Selection Interviewing Skills, Concluding plus Do’s and Don’ts of Selection Interviewing Skills with roleplay sessions.

On Demand Live Class

HR Security & Quality: Learn HR Security and Quality Management in ISO 27001 and 9001 process

Additional Courses

  • Non-HR Manager’s Guide to Human Resource Management
  • Complete Human Resource Management setup workflow & tool kit


Diploma in Generalist Human Resource Management

Why this course?

Generalist HR and Business scaling

Unlock and Learn Generalist HR's Roles and Responsibilities at Individual, Group and Organization Level. Learn critical and important business functions like Employee Life Cycle Management, Policy and Process Management, Daily Operation, Employee Communication and Strategy Management.

The Generalist HR Program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to become an effective HR professional. You will understand the context for Generalist HR's in the business environment and, how to help your organization and employees thrive, and how to successfully implement different process initiative, engage into positive communication, and manage structured operation or employee life cycle and strategic organizational initiatives to add value to your business.

Type Online self-paced learning

Language English (including subtitles)

Access Lifetime/Free

Structure 6 courses + capstone project / 15 modules

Testing Quizzes, assignments, capstone project

Digital certificate upon completion  
Reading materials & bonus content
Complete Free Content
Curriculum structure: Practical. Comprehensive. Game changing.

Part 1: Roles and Responsibilities - 2 MODULES
Part 2: HR Strategy - 3 MODULES
Part3: Employee Management – 4 MODULES
Part4: HR Best Practices – 2 MODULES
Part5: Capstone Project and Assignments
What you'll learn

You will learn the key factors in the development of HR and People Management as a Generalist HR.
What is Generalist Human Resource Management (HRM) and the Scope of Human Resource Management, the Processes in HRM and Role of HRM in this framework?
Learn the Employee Life Cycle Management, HR Operation, Policy and Communication process in the Organization.
Learn about the Skills required for Generalist HR Professionals with case studies, assignments and Course works.
Learn Strategies for Human Resource Management, Policy and Process Management.
This training will be useful if your job involves advising, managing and improving the HR processes even if you are not a HR Professional.
Discover how to become far more self-aware in the way that you communicate and interact with people.
This online course is packed full of professionally produced downloadable HR resources, which will enable you to start practicing immediately after completion.
Course Requirement

You should have an interest in People Management
An interest in Human Resource Management
Be interested in leadership and Management
Have an interest in Business
Who this course is for:

Professionals with people management responsibilities and HR Professionals, Line Managers
New managers looking to transition successfully from a production to a management role
Existing managers looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations
Anyone interested in Human Resource Management

This is a MBA/PGDL style practical skill oriented Learning to become a Generalist Human Resource Professional with all the applicable organizational, Employee Management, Operational, Leadership and Managerial skill applicable for all the managers, MBA students, aspiring Management Professionals.

You will learn with curate video Content, Explanations by the Industry experts, Case Studies, Downloadable Materials with below mentioned advance HR Concepts which will help you to become an up-to-date Professionals who can manage all the organizational activities and development.

HR Policy and Process
ADIEE, Kirk Patrick Model
BRAS, MBO, Bell Curve
Welfare, Labor Laws and TDS
HR Branding and Employee Experience
HR Leadership and Change Management
HR Operation and SLA
HR Metrics and Analytics

Additional Courses

  1. HR Audit 
  2. PMS Process and Case Study

Package Contents

Business Driven HR Digital Transformation
HR and People Analytics
HRBP: The Integration between HR and Business at an account level
STRATEGIC HRM: SHRM Framework, Guide to action and HR Strategies
Work and Workforce Management
Talent Development & Management
Recruitment Selection & Interviewing Techniques
Compensation Management
Non-HR Manager’s Guide to Human Resource Management
Complete Human Resource Management setup workflow & tool kit
Diploma in Generalist Human Resource Management
HandE Learning
HR Audit
HandE Learning
Performance Management Process and Implementation with Case Study
HandE Learning

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