Get Industry Experience


1-1 Discussion

Multiple 1-1 discussion for mentoring and guidance.


Select 2 electives as major & minor and  get full learning support.

Capstone Projects

Projects are created from real industry scenario data.


Dual Certification with completion certificate and Experience letter.

Internship Topics and Areas

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Human and Emotion

Please kindly write to us at or 

call us on +91 7980819862


Step 1

Enrol yourself and provide basic information.

Step 2

1-1 Mentoring and selection of the electives.

Step 3

Assignment doubt clearing and completion. 

Step 4

Assignment evaluation and certification.

Apply Now

Internship Project:This is a completely online mentor driven process. Live sessions, Report Preparation and review would be done accordingly

The Steps:

  • Buy the course
  • Provide the Information
  • Live session and Mentor assignment
  • Project assigning
  • Report Preparation and Review
  • Final Report and Certificate

Workbook and Project guides

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