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Process and Quality Accreditation

"Gain the competitive edge with Process and Quality Accreditation - boost efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction through industry-recognized standards."

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Why this course?


Learn and access Modern-day best practices and process which will increase your production efficiency, quality and bandwidth

  • Business Process Management or BPM
    • Definitions
    • Core concepts and their descriptions
    • Components
    • Lifecycle
    • Examples
    • Advanced concepts


  • Lean Manufacturing
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • 5S & Visual Controls
    • Kaizen
    • Value Streams
    • Pull Manufacturing
    • Mistake Proofing
    • Quick Changeover
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean Accounting
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Human Factors


  • Project Quality Management
    • Understand the importance of project quality management for information technology (IT) products and services
    • Define project quality management and understand how quality relates to various aspects of IT projects
    • Describe quality management planning and how quality and scope management are related
    • Discuss the importance of quality assurance
    • Explain the main outputs of the quality control process
    • Understand the tools and techniques for quality control, such as the Seven Basic Tools of Quality, statistical sampling, Six Sigma, and testing
    • Summarize the contributions of noteworthy quality experts to modern quality management
    • Describe how leadership, the cost of quality, organizational influences, expectations, cultural differences, and maturity models relate to improving quality in IT projects
    • Discuss how software can assist in project quality management
  • Six Sigma
    • TQM Versus Six Sigma
    • Key Success Factors for Six Sigma
    • Six-Sigma Metrics – Measuring Defect Rate
    • Estimating Process Capability Index from A Sample - Cpk Index
    • GE’s Six-Sigma Problem Solving Approach
    • DMAIC
    • Tools for Six-Sigma and Quality Improvement


  • ISO 9001
    • ISO9001
    • Evolution & History
    • Importance
    • Statistics
    • Implementation In IT
    • Relation to CMM


  • CMMI Process
    • CMMI Models within the Framework
    • CMMI Staged Representation - 5 Maturity Levels
    • Behaviors at the Five Levels
    • CMMI Components
    • CMMI Process Areas
    • CMMI Terminology & Structure

Package Contents

Six Sigma Quality Assurance
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ISO 9001 Quality Management Process
HandE Learning
Lean Manufacturing Process
HandE Learning
CMMI Process Maturity
HandE Learning
BPM Business Process Maturity
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