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  • Organizational Design and Analysis
    Title: Organizational Design and Analysis
    o Category: OD and Business
    o Target Country
    o What's included and rate: A 4 step analysis and methods
    o Optional add-ons
    Agile People Management | Digital Transformation and Strategy
    o Project Image
    o Sample Documents
    The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator |Herzberg’s two-factor theory | The Margerison ‘Team Wheel’ and
    Belbin’s evolved nine team roles
    o Requirements for the client formal structure and role relationships.
    the tasks to be undertaken and technology employed.
    organizational processes and the execution of work.
    the human element, informal organization and behavior of people.
    the process of management as an integrating and coordinating activity.
    social responsibilities and business ethics.
    the external environment of which the organization is part; and
    the need for organization success and survival.
Project details
Understand and Analyze the Four dimension of the organization
The individual – organizations are made up of their individual members.
The group – groups exist in all organizations and are essential to their working and performance.
The organization – individuals and groups interact within the structure of the formal   organization.
The environment –The organization functions as part of the broader external
environment, which affects the organization
o Steps for completing your project
Step 1 Individual Analysis Methods
Individual Dimension analysis
Job satisfaction
Step2: Group Analysis Methods
Role structure of the organisation
Self-insight and the Johari window
The Margerison ‘Team Wheel’ and Belbin’s evolved nine team roles
Step3: Organization Analysis Methods
Leadership in organisation
Understanding management
Organisation structure and design
Step4: Environment Analysis Methods
Analysis of work organizations
Organisational performance and Development

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