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Negotiation Skill Process, Tactics, Strategy and Style: Master Class

Unlock your full negotiation potential with our master class - learn the process, tactics, strategies, and styles to achieve successful outcomes in any negotiation!

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Why this course?


Complete Negotiation Process Framework on role based, scenario based, action based, style based models with tactics, cases study and assessment


Knowing how to negotiate effectively, and with confidence, is a skill that can make a huge difference to your career, your day-to-day work life and your personal wellbeing. Whether it’s negotiating the starting salary for a new job, getting that pay rise you know you deserve, agreeing on deals and contracts with suppliers and customers, or dealing with a difficult colleague - knowing how to negotiate properly is essential in every single area of work.Negotiation is everywhere - in our private and professional jobs, we sometimes negotiate without even knowing it. As sociable beings, negotiation is part and parcel of the way humans interact, so it’s well worth mastering.

The Course is a guide to create and becoming a Great Leadership Talent developed by the flagship competency development framework of Great Leaders Institute and HandE Learning. The important business communication processes will be covered in a step-by-step approach for all management professionals to nurture and develop the most important organizational, leadership and managerial communication, approaches and business transactional activities. 

The course has engaging video lectures, real life examples, case study analysis and different frameworks for the leadership development. The proper structure and process of leadership development is explained in the most easy and short way for the learning of the individuals.

Using tried and tested techniques, this course will give both clarity and efficiency to the way you go about negotiating. Not only will you learn how to structure a negotiation correctly, but you will also be taught about the concept of collaborative negotiation, which hinges on understanding the other person’s feelings and viewpoints.

The negotiation skills you will develop during this course will allow you to head into intense discussions without stress or worry. You’ll become a master of the art of negotiation and learn practical insights that can be applied throughout your life (including outside of work!), whether that’s buying a new home or selling a car.

The course is useful for both Individual professionals and Organizations for the leadership development process, management communication or client communication. The methodical approach can be implemented to any size and nature of organization. The course explains the method, framework, and process in a structured manner.

By the time you finish this course, you will have developed fundamental skills that are essential to successful negotiation. You’ll know how to enter negotiations from a position of strength, and how to navigate your way to an effective result. First, we’ll cover the basics of negotiating, then we’ll apply these principles to real-life examples using a step by step process that you can use in any situation. These practical skills will spill over into all aspects of your life, allowing you to know your worth and how to leverage negotiations for a win-win outcome.

The course overview includes:

  • Complete step by step approach to learn Negotiation.
  • The basic concept and process of Negotiation
  • Applying negotiation theory to 8 real-life work scenarios
  • Planning your negotiation toolkit and Processes
  • Setting your Walk Away Point and better understanding.
  • How to make a suitable Opening and closing Offer
  • 21 Different Negotiation Tactics, Styles
  • Negotiation style assessment and a complete behavioral interpretation
  • Getting a pay rise, or negotiating your hiring salary
  • How to negotiate when either buying or selling at work
  • Role based negotiation as a Recruiter, Salesperson, Project Manager, People Manager
  • Creating a non-confrontational conversation between a difficult colleague or boss
  • Common techniques that will be used against you - and how to combat them.
  • How to rid yourself of excuses and worries around negotiating
  • Simple negotiation phrases that will get you a brilliant price.
  • And lots, lots more!

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