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Management: Business and Financial Skills

Business and FInance skill with simulation

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Why this course?


  1. Does your course have any prerequisites?
  • A basic understanding of management functions
  • A passion for management and leadership
  • Any graduates and postgraduates
  • Ready to explore new trends around workplace and Talent management
  • Wants to assess and develop management skill
  1. What should you know before starting this course?
  • Basic understanding of corporate industry
  • Aware of different basic management terminologies
  1. What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?
  • More meaningful and purposeful management practices
  • Alignment of Business and management
  • Self-assessment and develop management skills

What you'll learn

  • You will learn the key factors in Leadership, Management and Business
  • What is Human Leadership and its application in business management and the step by step self-analysis to create a mapping of your leadership and management acumen.
  • Learn Strategic Management skills like Influencing, Feedback, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Consultancy and Information handling skills with live projects.
  • This training will be useful if your job involves advising, managing and improving the processes even if you are not a management professional.
  • Discover how to become far more self-aware in the way that you communicate and interact with people.
  • This Course is packed full of professionally produced downloadable management and leadership resources, which will enable you to start practicing immediately after completion.
  • The Course has section on book review-based learning with emphasis on concepts demonstrated in some of the best management and leadership bestselling books
  • The Course has section on film analysis-based learning with analysis on leadership and management practices related to Transformational Leadership, Situational Leadership, Servant Leadership, Leadership with EI, Team Building, Project Management, Conflict Management, Coaching, Change Management and Customer Service
  • You will learn the most important skill for success at every level of management...bringing the best out of people.
  • This Course will give you all the tools, templates, formats and framework you will need to develop your management and leadership skills.
  • PLUS: Get access to Facebook, YouTube, Podcast support community and practice your new skills right away.

Course Requirement

  • You should have an interest in Leadership
  • An interest in Management
  • Have an interest in Business management


Who this Course is for:

  • Professionals with any management responsibilities or aspirations
  • New managers looking to transition successfully from a production to a management role
  • Existing managers looking to create more impact more as a manager and leader
  • Anyone interested to become a Management and corporate professional
  1. The Course Structure

Take the next step in your career! Whether you’re an upcoming professional, an experienced executive, aspiring manager, budding Professional. This Course is an opportunity to sharpen your leadership and management abilities, increase your efficiency for professional growth and make a positive and lasting impact in the organization.   

Leadership is often seen an elusive or complex skill, but with this practical course you'll soon have it mastered. Whether you're managing a small team or an entire business this course will build essential skills for your time management, team motivation, and personal happiness. Leadership is an essential skill at home, at work, and in every stage of your career. If you're in charge of two or more people at work, this course could change your life.

With this course as your guide, you learn how to:   

  • All the basic functions and skills required for the Leadership and Management role.
  • Transform your Leadership and management efficiency for the current business climate.
  • Get access to recommended templates and formats of internationally accredited frameworks.    
  • Learn useful case studies, industry practices and demonstrations of different management and leadership practices with role play and book reviews.
  • Assess your leadership, managerial style and capability as a management professional.
  • Invest in yourself today and reap the benefits for years to come  

Like Top B School’s Management Program (which will cost not less than $20,000!) available here for a tiny fraction of the cost. By taking this course, you can develop a higher level of Leadership and management skills to kick start the Corporate and Management career, help you reach your fullest potential to deliver extraordinary value to your team and the organization.


The Frameworks for Management Competency Course

Engraining Chapters, case studies, self-assessment, useful resources, book review, film study and interactive exercises. This course is created to   Learn how to be an effective Management professional, whether in HR, Finance, Marketing, Operation or Senior Management. Learn skills in Leaderships, Business Management and Management

Business of the organization with proper management and leaderships s a matter of central concern to all managers and not only to senior leadership. Therefore, all managers, irrespective of their functional areas, are called on to solve problems that involve significant Business Management issues. Basic knowledge and better understanding of Business Management would help them in solving such problems. This course aims at imparting knowledge of Business Management, General Management and Leadership skills.

The course includes multiple Case studies, book reviews and resources like formats-templates-worksheets-reading materials, quizzes, self-assessment, live role play, film study and assignments to nurture and upgrade the management and leadership skill.

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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