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  • Title: Learning and Development Process Management and Digital Transformation
  • Category: HR and Learning
  • Target Country: Global
  • What's included and rate,

The Model and Training Plan and Design

Competency Mapping and Assessments

Career Development and Path

Individual Development Plan

Management Development Plan

Optional add-ons: LMS Implementation and Digital Transformation

  • Project Image
  • Sample Documents:

Sample Policy | Sample Competency Mapping & Gap Analysis | IDP Plan | Sample MDP plan

  • Requirements for the client

This Project requires information and data relates to Talent Management and Development with business objective alignment, People Management Process and improvement requirements, Individual Upskilling and Leadership development Target, Succession Planning target and overall digital transformation requirements with the current state of operation.

  • Project details

Unlock L&D’s strategic potential with the smart use of the easy set of process and framework. There are more options than ever before to improve processes, measure performance, and take the employee experience to the next level. But if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

The Learning and Development Management Project equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to create an effective Learning culture in the Organization. You will implement  L&D's important functions and designs by selecting tools that will help your organization and employees thrive, and how to successfully implement these tools. In short, you will have everything you need to usher your organization into the future of work, people development and organizational development.

  • Steps for completing your project

Step1: What is Learning and Development and the Scope of L&D, implement the Processes in HRM and Role of HRM in this framework

Step2: Learn and Implement the Training and Development Model, Competency Mapping, Career Development Plan, IDP and MDP Strategies or frameworks followed by Organizations

Step3: Learn about the Skills required for L&D Professionals with case studies, quizzes, assignments, and Course works.

Step4: Learn and Implement Strategies for Learning and Development Management, Leadership Development, and Individual Development

  • Frequently asked questions

Who can participate in the Project Implementation?

Professionals with people management, resource development and learning responsibilities and HR Professionals, Line Managers. New managers looking to transition successfully from a production to a management role. Existing managers looking to get more engagement and innovation from their teams and organizations. Anyone interested in L&D Management

What is the additional benefit and requirement of the Project?  

Real-world projects: Develop practical skills through working on real-world projects and studying dozens of inspiring case studies/real life scenarios.

Self-paced online learning: Learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace with our fully online training programs. Including a smartphone app.

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