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Lean Manufacturing Process

Transform your manufacturing process through lean manufacturing principles

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Why this course?



Lean manufacturing is a systematic approach that aims to minimize waste and maximize value in the manufacturing process. This course teaches the fundamental principles of lean manufacturing and how to implement them to improve efficiency and productivity in manufacturing processes.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction to lean manufacturing principles
  • Identification and elimination of waste
  • Improving flow and reducing cycle time
  • Implementation of lean manufacturing tools and techniques

What you will learn:

  • Learn fundamental principles of lean manufacturing
    Understand the core concepts of lean manufacturing and their importance in enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Identify and eliminate waste in manufacturing processes
    Identify and eliminate different forms of waste in manufacturing processes, including overproduction, defects, waiting time, and unnecessary motion.
  • Improve flow and reduce cycle time
    Learn methods to optimize flow between manufacturing steps and reduce cycle time to improve product turnaround time and customer satisfaction.
  • Implement lean manufacturing tools and techniques
    Discover tools and techniques used in lean manufacturing, including value stream mapping, 5S workplace organization, Kanban, and continuous improvement to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Lean Manufacturing
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • 5S & Visual Controls
    • Kaizen
    • Value Streams
    • Pull Manufacturing
    • Mistake Proofing
    • Quick Changeover
    • Six Sigma
    • Lean Accounting
    • Theory of Constraints
    • Human Factors

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