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International Finance Management

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Why this course?



This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, theories, and practices of international finance management. You'll learn how to evaluate risks and opportunities in the global market, manage foreign exchange risk, and make sound investment decisions. With real-world case studies and interactive exercises, you'll develop practical skills that you can apply in your career as a finance professional.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the basics of international finance and risk management
  • Learn how to analyze and interpret financial statements of multinational corporations
  • Gain insight into foreign exchange markets and their impact on businesses
  • Explore the advantages and disadvantages of international investment
  • Get hands-on experience with real-world case studies and simulations

What you will learn:

  • Learn to evaluate risks and opportunities in the global market
    You'll gain a solid understanding of the risks associated with international finance and how to make informed investment decisions.
  • Master the principles of foreign exchange risk management
    We'll explore the mechanics of foreign exchange markets and teach you how to manage currency fluctuations.
  • Understand the fundamentals of international investment
    You'll learn about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in foreign markets and the different types of international investments available.
  • Practice hands-on with real-world case studies and simulations
    We'll provide you with practical, real-world scenarios to apply your knowledge and develop your skills economy


  • Transfer Pricing in Multinational Companies
  • Reason for growth in international business
  • Nature and Scope Of International Financial Management
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • Tax and Legal system
  • Exporting
  • Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

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