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Complete Human Resource Management Certification

The Frameworks for Human Resource Management Course

Engaging video lectures, case studies, self-assessment, downloadable resources and interactive exercises. This course is created to   Learn how to be an effective HR professional, whether generalist or specialist. Learn skills in talent management, recruiting, compensation and benefits, hiring, L&D, employee relations and HR strategy

Management of talent in the workplace is a matter of central concern to all managers and not only to HR professionals. Therefore, all managers, irrespective of their functional areas, are called on to solve problems that involve significant Talent Management issues. Basic knowledge and better understanding of Talent Management would help them in solving such problems. This course aims at imparting knowledge of Talent Management, People Management, Employee Motivation, Reward Management, Reports-Analytics and Employee Relations.

The course includes multiple Case studies, resources like formats-templates-worksheets-reading materials, quizzes, self-assessment, film study and assignments to nurture and upgrade the HR skill.

You’ll learn the most common human resource management processes like HRM, Recruitment, T&D, PMS, Motivation-Employee Management, Payroll & Compliances, Reward Management and HR Policy. 

Course in Learning & Development Management

Unlock L&D’s strategic potential with the smart use of the easy set of process and framework. There are more options than ever before to improve processes, measure performance, and take the employee experience to the next level. But if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

The Learning and Development Management Certificate Program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to create an effective Learning culture in the Organization. You will understand the context for L&D's important functions and designs, how to select tools that will help your organization and employees thrive, and how to successfully implement these tools. In short, you will have everything you need to usher your organization into the future of work, people development and organizational development

Curriculum structure: Practical. Comprehensive. Game changing.

  • Part 1: The Model and Introduction to Training
  • Part 2: Competency Mapping and Assessments
  • Part3: Career Development and Path
  • Part4: Individual Development Plan
  • Part5: Management Development Plan
  • Part6: Training Plan and Design


Employee Relations and Engagement: Manage and Engage your Talents

The Study Plan

Engaging video lectures, case studies, guides, polices, downloadable resources and interactive exercises. This course is created to   Learn how to be an effective Employee relations and engagement expert essential for any aspiring managers, leaders and entrepreneurs. Learn skills in Employee relations, Employee Engagement, Workplace best practices, Organizational culture and strategy to connect engagement with performance.  

The study plan consists of four segments

  • Segment 1 (Section 1 to 6): The best engagement practices and ideas in an organization like Employment relationship, Engagement best practices, Employee Communication – Voice and wellbeing.
  • Segment 2 (Section 7 to 11): New trends and best practices around workplace and Talent management like Organizational culture, the present and future of the workplace and connecting engagement with performance.
  • Segment 3 (Section 12-13): Course work, assignments and downloadable resources like Remote work case study, Film study, assignments-practice test of Employee engagement and sample guides with survey design – Policy samples.
  • Segment 4 (Section 14-15): Practitioner/Expert level with Employee engagement and team building concepts with complete description, poster/announcement templates and the actual worksheet plus bonus content to be added every quarter based on the latest market survey, research and trends along with the actual reports or white papers

Package Contents

HRM: Employee Relations Management
HRM: Payroll and Compensation Management
HRM: Motivation and Employee Management
HRM: Fundamentals of HRM
HRM: Performance Management System
HRM: Training & Development Process Management
HRM: Recruitment and Selection Process Management
HRM: Policy, Procedure, Records and Reports
L&D: : The Model, Training Plan and Design
L&D: Competency Mapping and Career Development
L&D: Individual Development Plan & : Management Development Plan
ER: Employee Engagement Best Practice
ER: Workplace and Talent management
ER: Assignment, ER Practices and Film Study

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